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‘The results from the relocation of the speakers and the tuning and time alignment were astounding. For reference we were able to load in the previous settings and produce an A/B comparison, I can only express the difference as night and day/chalk and cheese. The sub is now punchy and vibrant, high’s and mid’s are clean and smooth…

The techniques and workflow Rich uses to tune a system are essential for todays complex and technical audio components.’

System Optimisation, The C3 Centre, Cambridge

Dan Gray: Head of Production The C3 Church, Cambridge


‘From his solid Audio and Production Management background to his dedication to doing work properly and the best way possible; Rich will come along any team and make them better. He can work through big picture problems down to the nitty gritty symptoms and can help fix any situation from his years of experience in both Church and the Production Industry. To designing the system and then training the team on it, he can bring the full picture to any question or need.’

Stephen Maddox: Head of Production Hillsong UK


‘Rich is well experienced and his communication style is very clear and direct. The way he worked with other contractors, the venue team and our volunteers was highly efficient and his calm and constructive encouraging manner enabled the technical area leaders to fulfil their role as part of a greater team. He also brought great leadership, through briefs and constant direction to the heads of Sound, Audio, Visual and Lights which allowed for a smooth running of the day from start to finish.’

Craig Farley: Campus Pastor Hillsong Oxford

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